Who knew Brexit was the result of

"a coalition of people working over two decades"?


From Vote Leave's CEO: Any chance he knew what he was saying here?


A few members of the coalition Matthew Elliott refers to here are known already.


(Funny how Mrs Elliott seems to say here that Brexit and Trump were kind of linked, isn't it?)



Please note that the Heritage Foundation, the Cato Institute, the Institute of Economic Affairs, the Adam Smith Institute, the Taxpayers' Alliance aso are actually one giant think tank called the Atlas Network.



Not only have the member think tanks of this Network the same funders, they also coordinate their action.

https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DruGROQXgAYtb6I.jpgby "coalition building."

(Could they be part of the Brexit coalition?)


Well, here are some of its think tanks (together with prominent hard brexiters) drafting the hard Brexit plan back in 2014.



"Funny" how Trump and Brexit fit this project from an Atlas Network think tank (notoriously bankrolled by prominente Climate change deniers Koch brothers and Cambridge Analytica's funder Bob Mercer).

A Liberal Agenda for the New Century: A Global Perspective"



"Funny" that there is now a European body, with "If it's good enough for the US? it's good enough for the UK" Daniel Hannan as a Secretary general, that was linked to Putin's party until recently and is currently willing to organise Europe's future with the US most prominent members of the Atlas Network.

Part of the coalition?

You can learn more about the ACRE here.


Another "funny story", here's... Another member of the coalition?

The Chairman of the Gatestone institute, linked to Breitbart's Raheem Kassam and Veterans for Leave's Richard Kemp (listed as "distinguished fellows).

For the record, the Gatestone Institute is closely linked to the Middle East Forum, especially in their fight to support law-breaker and fascist "Tommy Robinson".

Yes, that is Trump's security adviser, also a good friend of Maria Butina - He appeared in a video promoting her pro-gun association.


Are the friends of UK's "so good friend" Brexit friends?


What about "I have a cunning plan to break the law/spending limits" Steve Baker?

Is this very interesting character (also starring in/promoting LeaveEU-funded Brexit the Movie) linked to the Think tank hydra/Atlas network part of the coalition?

Please note that the same Matthew Elliott was advocating the "infiltration" of the government by think tank alumni - a look at the Free Entreprise Group (to sum up, how a Tory group in the IEA became the IEA in government) is a great illustration of how this idea became reality.

Gotta wonder how many members of the UK/US side of the Atlas network (and their Russian friends) were part of the "coalition of people working for 20 years" that made Brexit happen according to Matthew Elliott.

And how many are now in government.

And even when only considering the ones who claimed to be/obviously were...

Is there any Trump/Brexit fan around who could explain how having the fate of the USA/all countries in Europe decided by unelected entities bankrolled by (undemocratic, polluting and fighting for the "freedom to exploit") billionaires and corporations is an improvement?