Why did Brexit/Trump happen?

Who are the “strategists who worked for 20 years on it”?


Who paid for it?

Who is behind disinformation and why?


How is the “United Fascists International Alliance” trying to take over the world?

Is it *really* the Will of the People?

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Time to start decrypting the authoritarian, antiregulation & religionist “tea-partying”

of our democratic societies by oligarchs, wanna-be oligarchs and the mouthpieces they fund.


Who funds the IEA, the TPA, the ASI?

Who fuel disinformation worldwide?

Meet the Atlas Network

(and its funders: billionaires/polluters/exploiters)

The voice of the NRA/Trump’s team in the UK

Paid by a US religious foundation to kill the NHS

Next step, privatise pension and guns for everyone

Meet Kate Andrews


A powerful couple

From Eastern Europe to the USA,

UK included: Mr & Mrs. Smith

Whoopsie, sorry -Mr & Mrs Elliott