The Kremlin

You know, you might even hear some people saying what's happening now freakingly looks like the crazy Kremlin's advisor cunning plan. But surely this is stupid: I mean, Boris Johnson did say the Kremlin did interfere -but not like it got the outcome it wanted, right?

No no no, the man is crazy and the idea that the Kremlin could be using strategies to disrupt the world is just silly. Crazy conspiracy. Not like *anything* Dugin said should happen did happen.

This is just crazy guy talking.


No worries, let's dismiss this not to be branded Russophobic (ignoring the fact that being Kremlinphobic right now is actually being Russophile).


Bare coincidences, no trolls, no hackers or "patriotic hackers acting out of Kremlin's knowledge"

“We're at war with ourselves"

The Kremlin's strategy to destroy an enemy from within.



No disinfo weapon that still hasn't been banned in the name of "freedom of speech." Its Editor-in-chief clearly states it's a weapon -but let's not care. …

Please note though, it's not propaganda, as reality doesn't exist. "Opinions are facts, facts are opinions".

How could #fakenews articles claiming to claim the hidden truth that mainstream/the establishement/"Soros-funded" anything don't want you to know influence anyone? And surely that wouldn't be used to fulfill a Kremlin-friendly agenda?

Also, it's not like those #fakenews then end up verbatim in Western disinfo channel Infowars, or Breitbart, or Wikileaks. I mean, they say the exact same fake things -but with different sentences.

Anyway -not like the biggest Brexit funder had used shadowy funds provided by empty diamond mines while regularly meeting the Kremlin's Ambassador at the request of the FSB. Phew! Nothing to see here, move away, a supposed-to-be-respectable guy said it was a crazy cat lady story


Also please note the Kremlin *might be* smart enough to outsource a good (visible) part of the work – to Best thing to do when you can find people with common goals -like wanna be Oiligarchs and their billionaire hard right friends.

Who see you as a beacon.

And happen to bankroll astroturfing entities like the think tanks of the Atlas Network, that happen to have a lot of influence on government and the local media.



Just glad we can know forget all these silly conspiracy theories not at all supported by facts &focus on how "Soros-funded cat ladies leftard stuff" can be blamed for the upcoming disaster -which may finally trigger a reaction from the invisible opposition …


But why talk about a full invasion/war with Ukraine now? There could be many reasons. Putin establish his power by a a war, he might need another one to keep it. So maybe to please the ultranationalists -that's what they want. If Putin doesn't appear as a "strong man" -he's done.

Another reason could be that some would benefit from more sanctions. Plus that would feed the rhetoric "We are under attack, the evil West hates us and is trying to distroy us" used to justify basically anything -the glue holding the autocracy together. …


It could be that this rhetoric is no longer enough to hold back the young generation calling for an Open Russia, getting access to info via the Internet, and ready to be shot rather than to linger in a "no-future" country. Thinking that because of this 👇 .