Say hello to Kate Andrews


You all know Kate Andrews.

But - There are a few things the BBC, Sky News, aso forgot to tell you.


For instance, that the "institute" she's a co-director of was paid +$155k to advocate the abolition of the NHS.



Or this: She's not just "an American".

She's a member of Trump's team.



But wait: Maybe they just don't know.

Not like the BBC for instance invited Kate Andrews in her spokesperson of the GOP in the UK's capacity?

Oh, wait.

They did.



(Yes, it's the same Kate Andrews)



And well, about SkyNews..



Oh, yes, because as a Republicans Overseas board member, Kate advocates guns -Which surely has nothing to do with the fact that a NRA board member is a board member of the organisation she's a spokesperson of.


Here's Kate advocating guns again...



And again, this time in her IEA's staffer capacity.




And well, of course Kate is free to advocate (what she was paid for) what she wants: It would just be nice to tell people exposed to what she says that she's paid to say that by a US religious foundation, the NRA and Trump's team.

You know, in the sake of transparency.

I guess, in the sake of balance, the BBC should also make sure a representant of the US Democrats in the UK is there as well everytime Kate is invited.

Although there is no such thing. No Tories, Lib Dem or Labour in the USA, no Grünen in Italy, no whatever-party-from-whatever-country in another country - but the Republicans Overseas.

That, for the record, *you* can become a member of. Yes, UK citizens, the UK may not be the USA 51st state yet, but you *can already* be a member of Trump's party. (Now who's happy? Surely, nothing weird here).



And the fact no one tells UK citizens Kate Andrews is a spokesperson for Trump is "a little" bothering, because Kate Andrews is using the fact everyone knows who she is in the UK to promote Vote Leave's CEO's wife, aka Sarah (Smith) Elliott, the Chair of the Republicans Overseas.


Also, if you've never heard about the Republicans Overseas, please note they are negotiating the "special relationship" between the USA and the UK, so maybe you should have?

Just saying.

And again, the spokesperson of the Republicans Overseas is allowed to promote the Chair of the Republicans Overseas to her UK viewers: It would just be nice not to forget to say they work together for Trump's (=the Heritage Foundation's) agenda.

(Not like people might react differently if they knew these pretty ladies are representing the will of billionaires like Bob Mercer and the Koch brothers: Not like most UK people are anti-establishment or something, right?)



Anyway. Moving on.

When not standing for Trump/the Heritage Foundation, Kate Andrews stands for Heritage Foundation's projects like hard Brexit...




Or defends the interests of tax avoiders (coincidentially funding the think tanks network she's a mouthpiece of, namely the Atlas Network, aka the globalised Institute of Economic Affairs)

In case you need an example of how these "think tanks" are so intricated they really are one and only billionaires' PR agency, please note the report advocated here by ex-ASI, now IEA/Trump's team in the UK board member/spokesperson was written by a (Mercer/Koch funded) Cato Institute fellow also working for the IEA, who happens to be the new director of the IEA's lobby group - sorry, "think tank" - in the EU, namely Epicenter, officially an alliance of a few European think tanks of the Atlas Network. Small word, etc, etc.



When not advocating guns for all, the end of the NHS, hard Brexit and tax havens, Kate (a very busy woman) also participates to event organised by Daniel Hannan's ACRE think tank, New Direction -whose point is to negotiate the EU's future directly with Atlas Network unelected, undemocratic and bankrolled by billionaires think tanks... (Please note that since Trump's Republicans' party is applying these think tanks "recommendations", it can't really be considered as a political party anymore, being the political arm of this "freedom to exploit" network.




Closer to the UK, Kate also participates to pro-Brexit, anti-establishment events like this one with pro-Brexit MPs (and many others), advertised by Guido Fakes (you know, the media owned by Paul Staines, Matthew Elliott's good friend and former partner in data analytics company WESS, whose other company, MessageSpace, was paid by the Kremlin to help it spread its propaganda, and promoting the Atlas Network - for instance on the website it made for one of its think tanks, Matthew Elliott's World Taxpayers' Alliance?)


"We - unlike the establishment..."

(Gotta wonder what "like the establishment" would be like...)

Please note that while working at the ASI, Kate handled "donor relations".


Was taking care of these "Powerful Lunches and Patrons Dinners" part of "handling donor relations"?


In any case, I'd bet that Kate could benefit from the good advice of Sarah Elliott, as Sarah handled donor relations (and prospection) for both the GOP and the think tank Americans for Tax Reform (Funded by the Koch brothers, chaired by Atlas Network's Grover Norquist.)


So there you have it.

Kate wants more guns and no more NHS. (What could possibly go wrong?)

The Hard Brexit the non-establishment dining at the Ritz sees as an opportunity.

Tax havens for her funders.

And UK people to keep ignoring who's paying her to be their spokesperson, as probably she wouldn't be that convincing if everyone knew she's speaking for Trump, himself speaking for the Koch brothers, the Mercers and the Kremlin -aka the "OWO (Oligarchs and Wannabe Oligarchs) Unholy Alliance".