What can possibly link Bannon, UK Breitbart, Veterans for Britain, Vote Leave, Atlas-speaker-secretary-general-of-a-Conservative-political-group-discussing-the-EU's-future-w/US-think-tanks Hannan, but also Tommy Robinson, LeaveEU & Labour Leave?

The Gatestone Institute




(Note: The Gatestone Institute is fiercely denying they are islamophobic.)
Link to Bannon:
Here is Bannon speaking at a luncheon sponsored by the Gatestone Institute in November 2017 to explain why Trump's impeachment had to be avoided at all cost.
(Yes, after he left.)




Link to UK Breitbart and Veterans for Britain
Say hello to:
-(Breitbart UK, UKIP; ex-Young Briton's Foundation, TPA, Bow Group, Henry Jackson Society) "No Go Zones" Raheem Kassam
-(Veterans for Britain) Richard Kemp.




Now let's take a look at the Chairman of the Gatestone Institute.
John Bolton.
Here comes the links with Vote Leave, LeaveEU and Labour Leave.
(And well, Trump.)





First stop, Vote Leave.
So the USA Ambassador/Chairman of the Gatestone Institute was at the Vote Leave HQ the night of the result?
How come?
Why was "One of Hannan's Chlorinated Britain's Best Friend" so interested in the Leave campaign? (And happy about the result?)

(Did he call his good friend Maria to share the good news? You know, the friend he appreciated so much he made a video for her pro-gun association - Russian spy Maria Butina.)



Now here's a funny story: Like the Atlas network, the Gatestone Institute sends money abroad. No info to who exactly, or what for. Cld that have been used to bankroll Brexit? No evidence it did,no evidence it didn't.
It could have been given to a shell company like the CRC.




Another funny story- Bolton also was in contact with LeaveEU and LabourLeave. As Arron Banks paid Kate Hoey's trip to Washington, to meet officials, think tank (What a coincidence! Mercer's Heritage Foundation!) and... John Bolton.
To discuss the benefits of Brexit *for the USA*.




Link to Tommy Robinson now. If you know anyone scammed into giving him money, show them this. (They probably won't want to believe it, but it's worth the try.)
Meet the $22m worth Middle East Forum, funding ALL TR's legal fees. And -look at that!- the Gatestone Institute.



It's also interesting to note that, after providing #fakenews that were very useful to both Leave campaign, the Gatestone Institute/MEF (w/ many links to the UK/RT) and friends are now using disinfo (and political pressure) to sow unrest in the UK thanks to "Tommy Robinson" tool.


(Of course, the Gatestone Institute is linked to the European Far Right , "I want to create a global fascist movement" Steve Bannon and the Kremlin disinfo weapon RT.

And is only pushing islamophobia / "right" to break the law in the name of the "Will of the People"...