The Atlas Network

Who funds the IEA, the TPA, the ASI &so on?

 Ever wondered why all the RW 'free trade' thick tanks advocate tax havens,

"freedom" (no regulations like workers' rights or environmental protection),

no welfare (no tax & no free healthcare) – Basically, "Only the wealthier survive" philosophy? 


*Could it be* that it has something to do with defending their funders' interests

– The “freedom” of the “elite” to exploit people and the planet?

Today, I'm going to tell you the Thick Tanks' Hydra tale.

Featuring Atlas, huge piles of money, tradition, "free speech", useful idiots

and a very clear agenda that Brexit/Trump are a part of. 


But before to know who funds the Thick Tank Hydra

you need to understand what it is.

It looks they are like a lot of different entities (officially "charities") doing some thinking.

It's not.

They are the united voice of their funders.

Just like this 👇 – by @Deadspin.

Just listen to the video: They all say the same thing. One script.


That’s how the “Free Trade think tanks” network works: It looks like many different entities,

all claiming to do “research”.

The truth is, they are the hundreds mouthpieces of the same hydra.


Embedded video

How America's largest local TV owner turned its news anchors into soldiers in Trump's war on the media 



The Atlas Network was founded by the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) founder Anthony Fisher

His project: "Litter the world with free-market think tanks"

For more detail, link here:…




So “Free trade” US and UK (and worldwide) think tanks were linked from the very beginning.

Now let’s say hello to the Thick Tank Hydra:

Yes, it's big. Really big.

Anthony Fisher’s wet dream has become reality.



Featuring all UK 'Free trade' think tanks.


Here is (among many others) the Adam Smith Institute

– A UK think tank actually more American than British…



Here is (among many others) Open Europe

– An Eurosceptic think tank praised by Boris Johnson and…

“Eurosceptic Remainer” David Cameron (Sorry, what?)



Here is (among many others) the Institute of Economic Affairs – the Atlas Network’s “mother”… 

And the Legatum Institute – famous for his link to disaster capitalists and, er, Gazprom.



And here is (among many others) the Taxpayers’ Alliance

– Now globalised as the World Taxpayers’ Alliance or WTA

Set by a Tea Party/Koch Bros funded Grover Norquist’s apprentice – aka Matthew Elliott…




Apprenticeship in the United States" is a common point amongst these think tanks founders and staff.

The Atlas network offers training to make sure their think tank members are effective

- and meet each other.


Because, to be able to efficiently convey the same message, they do coordinate their efforts.

Let’s hear it from Grover Norquist:

Here he is giving tips for coalition meetings of RW "free trade" think tanks,

to "tea-party" the debate by coordinated action.

*Just like 55 Tufton Street Meetings disclosed by @shahmiruk*


So, it’s not surprising – at all – that this is exactly what happened at 55 Tufton Street.

Not only are these think tanks part of the Atlas network/sister Climate change denial network.

They could also benefit from the expertise of Norquist’s apprentice in the UK:

Vote Leave's CEO Matthew Elliott.

Who knew he started his career in think tanks in the USA, when he met Grover Norquist

and his Trump's team wife, both instrumental in what he did next?

(Check the video at 2:45)


But it doesn't necessarily means that Grover Norquist was instrumental in setting up the TPA's, right?

Well, here's Matthew Elliott explaining that he was. 


Here are evidence that Norquist stayed in contact with Matthew Elliott afterwards,

directly and through his wife, Sarah Elliott, current Chair of the Republicans Overseas

(Trump’s team in the UK, linked to the NRA – like Russian spy Maria Butina),

whose spokesperson Kate Andrews you probably know

– but did you know she was part of the NRA/Trump’s team, an alumni of the ASI,

and the new co-director of the IEA?

A good illustration on how these different entities truly are one entity with many faces

– with links to Billionaires, Oiligarchs, tax avoiders, the Far right, Christianists, the Kremlin

Such a small world.

 (Winning what, by the way?)


So the US and UK sides of the Think Tank Hydra have been linked to the Tea party from the very beginning - Just like the other entities worldwide.

(Trump/Brexit fans) Climate Change Denial/Free market think tanks are linked:

Same funders/strategy.

In the name of "Will of the People/Fighting the establishment"

They are all astroturfing (= pretend to be a grassroot movement).

And it works:

"Those at the grassroots level who support the tea party agenda have been playing the role of

"useful idiots" working on behalf of the corporate, capitalist agenda, as they stand behind

policies serving bourgeois &corporate interests that run counter to their own class interests"

To know more, you can read this study –…

– on the origin of the Tea Party, its ideology, its funders...

who “coincidentally” happen to be the same funders than now.

 Who funds them?

Atlas is funded solely by:

"Voluntary gifts from those who cherish the principles of a free society"

(and have a few million to spare).


In other words: "those who cherish the principles of limited governments,

no welfare, no environment, animal or people's protection so nothing goes

in the way of making more profits than they could spend in a thousand lives"

In practice, that means funding by conservative foundations,

(themselves funded by conservatives billionaires, for instance Bob/Bekah Mercer or the Koch brothers)

like the Carthage/Scaife Foundation, (financed by the Mellon industrial, oil and banking fortune, financing the Islamophobia network),

(right wing/neoliberal) Earhart Foundation, Donors Trust, the Templeton foundation...

and corporations like ExxonMobil, Pfizer or Merck.

More details here:…

Here you can see Atlas' main supporters until 2014most of them are still supporting it.


(Shall you want to dig deeper into the US side of this entangled web,

take a look at the amazing work done by:  

seeshell @Tentoads4truth

THE KOCH-RED STATE PLANTATION – ALEC, AFP, NRA Affiliated PAC’s, Oil, Coal, Utility, Pharma,

Insurance, Tobacco, Ag, Food and War Profiteer Corp’s, CEO’s and Billionaire’s Deep State 


Let's note though that one of these supporters has very tight link with Atlas (also with the Gathering, whose aim is to make the world religious again) :

The John Templeton Foundation

Its former head and ex-number 2/new both are on the board of the three Templeton foundations (funding Atlas).

(Might help to get funding)


(as others:

Donors TrustDonorsTrust Background DonorsTrust is a not-for-profit company that distributes millions of dollars in grants each year to groups, organisations and projects that are “dedicated to the ideals of limi…

"Funny that"

Atlas is -of course- funding some of its members -aside from offering meetings and formations.
Here you can see entities it supported (up to 2014).




Please note that now, Atlas is now (much more conveniently) giving (undisclosed) grants to (undisclosed) recipients.

(As in it could have funded the CRC/DUP Brexit ads not saying it did, just saying if it had there'd be no way to know. It could fund the TPA as well)




And Atlas is not the only one getting money: Its member thick tanks also get funding individually (often from the same funders).

Some even have US Friends -entities created to support them.

(Namely the IEA and the TPA)




Who funds Atlas' UK think tanks?

To sum up, the Pennsylvanian John Templeton Foundation funds the ASI (almost exclusively lately) and the IEA (grant to eradicate the NHS, privatise pension, influence UK young people’s mind.

“Funny story”, the Pennsylvanian Templeton Foundation is funded by the offshore Templeton

religious trust (aka First Trust Bank) that also happens to fund Matthew Elliott’s TPA

– and Hard Brexiter Singham.

Such a small world.

Where do think tank staffers meet their funders, politicians and SM executives?

*Gatherings like the Antigua Forum*

But also through the ACRE: A broad alliance of Conservative partys.


Discussing the future of the EU with -oh, look at that, Trump's "revolutionised" Republican party and Koch/Mercer funded Heritage Foundation.
"The EU doesn't know what to do, let's have our future decided by billionaires bankrolling the think tank telling Trump what to do instead!"
(Sounds familiar? If not, check the Heritage Foundation page)



There are numerous other links, like this one: (For more, check the ACRE page)

UK Hard Brexiter/ Atlas Network (Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute) regular speaker/article drafter Daniel Hannan has been the secretary of the ACRE for quite a while. (You might have heard of the ACRE "thanks" to him and the fact he misused EU funding lately.)



And also a quite direct link to Vladimir Putin.



Vladimir Putin who, for the record, was already discussing "A Liberal Agenda for the New Century: A Global Perspective" with one of the Atlas Network/RW think tank hydra arm back in 2005. (So maybe the involvement of Russian trolls/bots was more than a bare coincidence/will to disrupt Western politics.)



"Funny" that there is now a European body that was linked to Putin's party until recently and is currently willing to organise Europe's future with the US most prominent members of the Atlas Network.


Please note that - according to them- the GOP now is the political arm of this network of think tanks.



Oh, and according to other people too.





Gotta wonder how many members of the US side of the Atlas network (and their Russian friends) were part of the "coalition of people working for 20 years" that made Brexit happen according to Matthew Elliott -live from the Atlas Network website.




Please note that the same Matthew Elliott was advocating the "infiltration" of the government by think tank alumni - a look at the Free Entreprise Group (to sum up, how a Tory group in the IEA became the IEA in government) is a great illustration of how this idea became reality.


Also note: Quite a few members of the coalition Matthew Elliott refers to here are known already.





So, is there any Trump/Brexit fan around who could explain how having the fate of the USA/all countries in Europe decided by unelected entities bankrolled by (undemocratic, polluting and fighting for the "freedom to exploit") billionaires and corporations is an improvement?