Meet the ACRE: A broad alliance of Conservative partys.






Here are the partys involved:





Now let's take a look at the ACRE ideology.
1st stop: Backing Czarnecki removed for "exercising freedom of speech" aka describing MEP Róza Thun as a “shmaltsovnik” (deeply offensive Polish term for someone who blackmailed Jews or Poles protecting Jews during Nazi occupation).




2nd stop: Fighting for religious Freedom in Europe.

Er... ??? Hello, guys? We got that already?


3rd stop:
Discussing the future of the EU with -oh, look at that, Trump's "revolutionised" Republican party and Koch/Mercer funded Heritage Foundation.
"The EU doesn't know what to do, let's have our future decided by billionaires bankrolling the think tank telling Trump what to do instead!"
(Sounds familiar? If not, check the Heritage Foundation page)




So, a broad alliance linked to the Atlas network's RW 'free trade' think tanks...

And to many affiliate organisations.

(Not that big a reach on Twitter though, considering how big it is - barely more followers than me just me).

Note their motto: "Freedom" - including "Free markets". Funny, eh? Just like the Atlas Network.


Interestingly, UK Hard Brexiter/ Atlas Network (Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute) regular speaker/article drafter Daniel Hannan has been the secretary of the ACRE for quite a while.



Also, aside from his UK MEP job and being think tank IFT 's director, ex ACRE-Secretary general Daniel Hannan is Vice-President of this think tank affiliated with the ACRE.



Any other links between the ACRE and the Atlas Network (the global alliance of 493 'free trade' think tanks in 94 countries - including the IEA, the ASI, the TPA, the global TPA = WTA, the Heritage Foundation, the Cato Institute, aso)?

Hmm... Oh, right. Here comes Alejandro Chafuen, Atlas former president, and a board member of the 3 Templeton foundations.



Oh -and look at that! Here is former ASI staffer, now IEA co-director + board member/spokeperson of the (linked to the Kremlin) NRA/Trump's team in the UK Kate Andrews. (A busy woman.)


And... well, let's not forget that Daniel Hannan is the man who called Trump's security adviser /ex-Chair of an Islamophobic think tank linked to the Leave Campaign (namely the Gatestone Institute) John Bolton's one of the "best friends" the UK ever had. Know who is a good friend of John Bolton? Russian spy Maria Butina. Now are the good friends of the UK's best friend also UK's friends?




Now let's take five minutes to look back at this Wikipedia page,mentioning the former name of the ACRE, the Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists Europarty.
Why is that interesting?


Because that is a link to, er, Vladimir Putin.



Vladimir Putin who, for the record, was already discussing "A Liberal Agenda for the New Century: A Global Perspective" with one of the Atlas Network/RW think tank hydra arm back in 2005.



"Funny" that there is now a European body that was linked to Putin's party until recently and is currently willing to organise Europe's future with the US most prominent members of the Atlas Network.


Please note that - according to them- the GOP now is the political arm of this network of think tanks.



Oh, and according to other people too.





Gotta wonder how many members of the US side of the Atlas network (and their Russian friends) were part of the "coalition of people working for 20 years" that made Brexit happen according to Matthew Elliott -live from the Atlas Network website.



(Please note: A few members of the coalition Matthew Elliott refers to here are known already)





So, is there any Trump/Brexit fan around who could explain how having the fate of the USA/all countries in Europe decided by unelected entities bankrolled by (undemocratic, polluting and fighting for the "freedom to exploit") billionaires and corporations is an improvement?